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Elyssa Schneider


Elyssa joins North Shore Pain Management as an ANCC board-certified nurse practitioner. She earned a MSN from Regis College, a BSN from Northeastern University, and a BA in psychology from the University of Connecticut.

Prior to becoming a nurse practitioner, Elyssa worked as a registered nurse for 7 years, 5.5 of which were at Brigham and Womens’ Hospital in Boston on the orthopedic and spine surgery unit. The experience and knowledge she gained during this time provided her with a solid foundation of musculoskeletal, myofascial, and neurological conditions, and the extent to which they can afflict one’s daily life. This background serves as a major support as she focuses in on the pain management aspect to help her patients optimize their quality of life.

Elyssa is passionate about making sure that her patients are well-informed about their conditions and potential interventions so that they can be an active participant in their care team. She is a proud member of the American Nurses’ Association as well as the American Association of Nurse Practitioners.  

Outside of work, Elyssa enjoys cooking, running, visiting the Cape and Islands, and anything involving the water.

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Our goal is to improve your ability to return to the activities you have been missing as well as provide a meaningful reduction in pain.

North Shore Pain Management
Our team is dedicated to the care and treatment of patients in pain. New patients are seen on physician referral only. To help us diagnose and treat, we must have relevant medical records, x-rays, and test reports. We accept most major health insurance plans.
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