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Patients Stories

Rocco Boulay

Rocco Boulayis a 61-year old exercise physiologist and musician from Manchester, New Hampshire. As a former world record-breaking power lifter, Rocco maintains a special fitness regimen to keep himself in optimal shape. Despite Rocco’s impeccable health and active lifestyle, he suffered from leg pain for over 15 years. Rocco had a herniated disc from a football injury, suffered from level 4-5 lumbar spinal stenosis, and sought a minimally invasive procedure to alleviate his pain. He tried various rehabilitative techniques and procedures including steroid injections and physical therapy. Rocco also underwent a laser-style procedure to reduce his pain, but it failed to provide any relief. In fact, it inflamed his condition and caused partial paralysis to his right leg.

Over the years, Rocco’s pain continued to increase, he was unable to sleep because of the pain, and participation in regular activities like going to the grocery store or walking the dog became excruciating and exhausting. Rocco and his fiancée searched desperately for alternatives that could relieve the incapacitating leg and back pain. His ability to perform at work was becoming more and more limited, and managing the pain took so much energy that Rocco became increasingly angry and irritable.

In May 2019, Rocco received the mild® procedure as a patient of Dr. Minesh Patel. Rocco noticed the first night after the procedure that he was able to get a full night’s sleep and woke up feeling rested and energized. Rocco experienced immediate relief following the procedure and estimates that the pain is approximately 80-90% less thanks to mild®.

Before the mild® procedure, Rocco had to rest between each set when his band played due to the pain level. Today, Rocco can play three full sets before noticing any pain and can walk more than 50 minutes at a time. Rocco maintains personal records to identify areas of pain improvement. Even 12 days post-procedure, Rocco says his quality of life has improved dramatically.

Thanks to the life-changing procedure, Rocco says he “actually went from being a monster, to being mild®. Pun intended!”


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