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Patient Portal

Pain management specialists in Boston, MA vicinity, North Shore Pain Management offers patients the opportunity to communicate with our staff by email and the opportunity to view/print and/or transmit forms electronically by visiting Patient Portal. Transmitting patient information electronically, however, has a number of risks patients should consider before giving consent. These risks are outlined in our terms and conditions. By clicking on the “View Patient Portal” button below, you acknowledge you have read and fully understand our terms and conditions. You also understand the risks associated with the communication/transmission of email and consent to our terms and conditions. Please read and review our terms and conditions before proceeding.

Should you have any questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact North Shore Pain Management. We are here for you!

Questions about your bill? Don’t hesitate to email us [email protected]!


Our goal is to improve your ability to return to the activities you have been missing as well as provide a meaningful reduction in pain.

North Shore Pain Management
Our team is dedicated to the care and treatment of patients in pain. New patients are seen on physician referral only. To help us diagnose and treat, we must have relevant medical records, x-rays, and test reports. We accept most major health insurance plans.
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